Alumnae Experience

Alumnae information: 

Alum events chapter does: 

Founder’s day
Alumnae appreciation events
Founder’s Day (when we were founded at Sacramento State)
Parents day


Staying involved

Sigma Kappa has many opportunities to stay involved and great ways to volunteer your time at a local level. There are many positions to volunteer for on the Advisory Board, currently there are 15 Positions included in the Advisory Board:
Advisory Board Supervisor
Executive Vice President
VP of Communication, Sisterhood
VP of Alumnae Relations
Web master, Historian
VP of membership, CMC
VP of Scholarship, Triangle
VP of Membership
Social Chair, Senior Day Chair
VP of Philanthropic Service, VPPS Assistant, Greek Week Chair
VP of Finance, VPF Assistant, Ritual
VP of New Member Education, VPNME Assistant  
VP of Programming
Public Relations Chair
Faculty Advisory

Alumnae and Recruitment

Recruitment is a great way to get alumnae more involved in the chapter and create stronger bonds between the collegiate and alumnae members. Recruitment of 2016 the alumnae were invited to our recruitment practice for a mock preference night to help the women of the Epsilon lambda chapter prepare for conversations with the potential new members. It was a great turn out and there was amazing feedback from both active members and alumnae.


Alumnae Newsletters

Newsletters are a way to keep the alumnae involved with the current information within the chapter. Alumnae have the opportunity to send in announcements, job opportunities, etc. This is a way to make the newsletters more personal and relatable for the alumnae that are reading it. It also allows some of the members to be showcased and it allows both collegiate and alumnae members to able to go back and read about the events that occurred throughout the semester.

Contact information to join Alumnae Chapter

Pat Burden- 

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